Hi, I’m Hannah. A mum. Not a sister or a celebrity or a highly qualified nutritionist.

Just a food obsessed mum, and I am truly delighted you have decided to stop by to share part of this journey with me.



The point is to create a food legacy for my children. And maybe for your children. I want to create a kitchen that produces healthy food that works for a family, for a budget, that’s accessible to everyone. There will most definitely be a little bit of self indulgence along the way, but our wellbeing is paramount.

I want my children to inherit smells from my kitchen, excitement at the beauty of a piece of salmon or an amethyst like aubergine, excitement over the feel of fresh bread dough in their hands.

I have been squashing the desire to do something with my all consuming food obsession for years. Scared that taking steps to make it more than just the thing I love, would somehow turn it into a daily grind. I just can’t keep it in anymore.

So come into my kitchen and spend time with me while I create, and along the way maybe I will share a bit more of me, my rural Irish life and where I got my food legacy from.