Heałthy Breaks and After School Snacks



My brain is thoroughly stretched at the beginning of term by form filling and the new extra curricular timetable. Never mind thinking of an interesting, variable and healthy selection for the lunch box.

Then he tells me he needs a snack as well. And the snack should be nut free. And healthy.


I have been working on reducing refined sugar anyway, and obviously I love fiddling around in the kitchen. But I am still rummaging in the darkest corner of my brain for ideas. I began the term by potting up mixtures of dried fruit, mango, sultanas, banana chips and apricots. Then I imagined the sigh when they open the pot and it’s the same thing again. I thought I should up my game.

My main criteria that any snacks shouldn’t be too messy or add to the possibility of extra laundry, no nuts and no refined sugar. I think have developed a few snack time treats that are healthy and interesting. I’m not finished though so if you have any great ideas I can add to the list shout up and I will continue to link here too.

Recipe Trees healthy breaks fall into 2 categories, those that are just chuck it all in and those that you actually have to create. I don’t always have time to make something and a few rummage around in the fridge or cupboard options are a necessity.

What I Found Lurking In The Fridge This Week

Current favourite in this category is a bit of soft goats cheese with a swirl of honey in a screw top pot accompanied by bread sticks.

Coming close behind was Fridays treat. Spelt pancakes for breakfast and a few mini ones on the side for a pot, blueberries made it look pretty I don’t know if my son was worried about the aesthetics though.


After school this week, now the weather is getting a little more autumnal, I baked a fresh batch of rolls and put a small portion of soup in a mug. Perfect for keeping them going between school and swimming lessons. The baking brought back comfort memories of my Grandmother who always wrapped them in a tea towel on top of the boiler to stay warm and aromatic while she collected me from primary school.

Snacks That Require A Little More Attention

If you’ve got a little more time you could try one of these, and it goes without saying please let me know how it goes. My children are loving these this term, and so am I so I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Lazy Fruit Swirls

Easy 6am Cookies

Oaty Bites with Extra 3pm Zing


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